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“For years we had the privilege to place our trips in the hands of R. Shimon Kohan. Even the families I recommended to go with him had returned marveled. I recommend him!”

Rabbi Abraham Serruya

“I was blessed to have a two days tour in the North of Israel with Shimon, and it was wonderful. I recommend him to anyone planning on travelling to Israel”

Rabbi Isaac Ruben Yacar

Rav Isaac ruben Yacar
Rabbi of Shaarei Tzion, Buenos Aires Argentina
Rav Abraham Serruya
Rabbi of Sucath David Buenos Aires Argentina
Rav Gabriel Sacca
Director of Menorah
Buenos Aires Argentina

Rav Ezra J. Chueque 

Director of Shorashim

Buenos Aires Argentina


"We know Rabbi Shimon Kohan for more than 6 years, hundreds of students and families from our programs in Argentina, that had participated in our trips to Israel and NYC, have enriched themselves and returned inspired thanks to his professionalism, thoughtfulness, scope, pleasantness and intelligence as a group leader. A LUXURY!!!! 


Rabbi Gabriel Sacca

“This Summer we made our trip to Israel with a group of families, and Shimon was our guide. He gave to each site a Torah framework.

Really admirable and worth of recommending not only because his knowledge, but also his good humor, and his religious framework, between other qualities…”


Rabbi Ezra J. Chueque 



Varied Opinions 
Varied Opinions

“For us doing our son’s Bar mitzvah in Jerusalem was a dream come true. Already the Levy family told us that having Shimon was an added value to their trip, those words made sense during our tours… Not only we got to know Israel, but we lived it and felt it inside of us in every moment, every detail and every explanation!!!

Thanks for helping our dream come true!!!"


 Jessica C. Rayek, México

“My trip to Israel turned into a total sense of identity, besides sharing with a person full of values, modern, full of vitality and devotion.

Thanks Shimon because the experience with you was wonderful!!!

Lisete Jajati, México

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