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I am a professional and responsible guide, that would look after the tiniest detail of your trip.


I have years of experience,  where I mix my Yeshiva knowledge  with my profesional training. My passion is fulfilled by my job, which is Jewish education mixed with tourism. 


My tours encompass all the sites and corners of Israel and Poland, with the added value of Torah knowledge, elevating your tour to the next level.


I can do the program tailored for your needs and tastes, from celebrating a Bar Mitzvah at the Western Wall, to extreme sports in the Golan, up to elevating you through a visit of our collective past in Europe. 


My tours are suitable for all ages. Special ideas for families with children. 

Be another of the hundreds of clients that returned uplifted from their trips. 


I am a Comercial Engineer (Business administrator) from Universidad de Chile, I received rabinical ordination from Aish HaTorah and Rav Zalman Nechemia Goldberg,  certified guide by the Ministry of tourism in Israel, and an expert of the Jewish sites in Poland. 


Today I live in Beit Shemesh, Israel with my wife and five children.

My goal is to make your trip the trip of a lifetime. To transform a typical tour into an everlasting experience.

Certified guide of the State of Israel & Guide for the Jewish sites in Poland 

About Shimon Kohan

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