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Day 3
Day 1

2nd of October Wednesday

  • Arrival at Warsaw airport

  • Drive to the Gensia Cemetary

  • Visit the life of the Jewish people pre war through the cemetery. The lives of the Netziv to Rav Soleveichik to the lives of Y.L.Peretz and Adam Cherniakov of the Warsaw Ghetto.


  • Visit the site of the former ghetto, the remnant of the ghetto walls, Umschlagplatz monument, Ghetto Uprising monument, and MILA 18 the ZOB (Jewish Combat Organization) memorial site

  • Dinner

  • Visit the Nozyk Shul and hear from a member of the Warsaw Jewish Community today.

  • Overnight - Warsaw

4th of October  Friday 

  • Drive to Tarnow - A monument marks the deportation of the first prisoners to Auschwitz from the town in 1940. Many other sites of Jewish interest remain, including the 1904 mikveh building, the famous Bimah, a plaque marking the site of the New Synagogue.

  • Zbilatovska Gura – Site of mass murder site of the Tarnow Jews

  • Drive to Krakow

  • Visit the cemetery of the Rema

  • Drive to the Old Town for some free time in the beautiful main square.

  • Check In

  • Kabbalat Shabbat at a beautiful remaining shul in Kaziemierz - Jewish Krakow

  • Shabbat Meal

  • Overnight – Krakow - Kaziemierz


5th of October Shabbat  

  • Breakfast

  • Tephilla with the Jewish community of Krakow

  • Kiddush + Lunch

  • Tour of Kaziemierz - Kaziemierz, the former Jewish quarter in Krakow. The area includes seven remaining synagogues (the Alte, Remuh, High, Popper, Isaac, Kupa and Tempel synagogues), the extensive old and new Jewish cemeteries, Jewish streets with remains of Hebrew and Yiddish inscriptions, market places, and numerous other buildings of Jewish significance, such as Yeshivot, Jewish orphanages, hospital buildings, etc

  • Galicia Museum

  • Suedah Shlishit

  • Havdallah

  • Over the bridge from Kazimierz is the former WWII ghetto, situated in the Podgorze area of the city, where traces of the ghetto wall can still be found, as well as Schindler's ‘Emalia’ enamel factory. 

  • Overnight – Krakow - Kaziemierz

3rd of October Thursday 

  • Breakfast

  • Trip to Lublin

  • Yeshivat Chochmei Lublin - the most important Yeshiva in Poland pre war. Led by Rabbi Meir Shapiro. Today the Yeshiva is back in Jewish hands and in the process of refurbishment.

  • Continue to Majdanek - The Majdanek concentration and death camp was located three kilometers from the center of Lublin, and was in operation from autumn 1941 – July 1945. Today, a permanent exhibition is housed in the former barracks, and several monuments have been raised to the victims of the camp.

  • Drive to Belzec

  • Belzec was the first pure extermination camp to begin operations in the region. Approximately 600,000 Jews went to their death here

  • Lizensk - This is still an important Chasidic center today, as the tomb of Rabbi Elimelich of Lezajsk attracts pilgrims from around the world, making the surviving cemetery one of the largest sites of Jewish pilgrimage in Poland.

  • Lancut - The former synagogue from 1761 was restored, with wall decorations from 18th and 19th centuries. The Jewish cemetery also still remains

  • Overnight Rzezow 

Day 4
Day 2

Example of an itinerary 

6th of October Sunday 

  • Breakfast

  • Visit theformer Plaszow concentration camp is located a further three kilometers away from the Podgorze area - Krakow Ghetto

  • Drive to Auschwitz/Birkenau

  • Auschwitz-Birkenau was the largest of Nazi Germany's concentration camps and extermination camps, operational during World War II. Auschwitz killed between 1.1 – 1.3 million, about 90% of whom were Jews from almost every country in Europe. Most victims were killed in Auschwitz II's gas chambers using Zyklon B.

  • Wrap up at the Auschwitz Jewish Center

  • Drive to Warsaw

Day 5
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